About L'Histoire

Bonjour, ça va!  

I'm Colleen Dornquast, the passionate, enthusiastic fashion force behind L'Histoire. I've been shopping like its my job long before I made it official, so the creation of this space felt truly organic and meant to be.

I’ve spent my entire life driven by my passion for fashion. As a teen I could be found sneaking pieces from my mother's closet or rummaging around thrift stores for my next find. In my early 20s I became best friends with eBay, buying and selling to change up my look. Now in my 30s I'm humbled by how fortunate I have been in building up an impressive collection of designer pieces and gorgeous luxury finds from all over the world. I’m a stylist by nature, and love nothing more than talking fashion with friends and giving advice on updating their closet. My philosophy as a stylist? If it brings you joy, wear it with confidence, regardless of occasion.

I've always felt that buying new lacks excitement. It's off the rack. It's accessible. It's wearing the same sweater as a passerby due to its generic popularity. New is ordinary. Creating a look out of previously owned pieces tells an extraordinarily different story. A story of creativity, of confidence, a story uniquely true to you. L'Histoire is my story, I can't wait to write it with you. 


What Makes L’Histoire Unique? 

To understand what makes us different it’s important to understand our company values and goals. We strive to bring our customers a diverse and curated offering of luxury pieces in a more accessible way. We strive to inspire, excite, and elicit nothing less than joy from the luxurious product and heavily discounted prices. Online shopping, particularly with consignment pieces, can feel overwhelming and uninspiring. Our pieces are sourced in a variety of ways, and from a diverse group of sellers and locations. A smaller selection of product is easier to navigate, and makes for a faster and more enjoyable shopping experience. 

Consignment is a part of L’Histoire, but it traditionally makes up around 50% of our held product, I source the rest personally. I’ve spent the last decade of my life traveling and living all around the world, taking in all I could on fashion and styling. We own a home on the French Riviera where I source gorgeous, colorful, eclectic pieces every summer. We winter in Miami where the vibrant fashion scene spills out into the local shops. I collect pieces everywhere I go, for myself and now for you.  

L’Histoire is about stories. The connection we feel to our favorite, most treasured pieces. The community created around fashion. We live in these pieces; they tell the story of our lives. So here at L’Histoire we ask, what’s your story? We want to help tell it. 


Xo Colleen